e911 Travelling

Travelling with 911

• Unlike traditional phone lines, you can use your KOS VoIP phone almost anywhere. KOS VoIP service is portable to any location with broadband Internet access. Since KOS uses the address you provide to determine the nearest emergency response centre, when you move or travel with your phone adapter within Canada, you must update your new location. Regardless of the internet connection you may have while traveling, the emergency response centre may not receive your phone number or correct physical location information when you place a 9-1-1 call, so it is important you are ready to give them your current location.

• Kingston Online Services will provide you with a web portal to temporarily update you information should you choose to travel with your KOS phone. For temporary changes, the effects will only last for a maximum of 7 days. For permanent address changes you will need to contact Kingston Online Services directly, either by telephone or e-mail to update your permanent address information.

• It is also important to note that for customers traveling outside of Canada dialing 911 may not work and/or your address information may not be sent to the emergency response personnel, thus it is recommended you keep an additional method of contacting emergency services, or be prepared to tell the emergency services operator what your current location is.

• Please note that it can up 48 hours before your new settings take effect. Remember, when you make changes to your location, you will need to update your 911 information again.