It is important that you keep your current address up to date, that way 911 emergency services will know exactly, where you are calling from at all times. Because the phone call is over the internet, the method in which your address is sent to the emergency dispatch works differently, and relies on the caller to be actively submitting accurate and current address information.

All VoIP calls depend on having an active internet connection, this includes VoIP 911 calls. Additionally your internet connection is dependent on the activity your internet service provides, which too can be affected by blackouts, environmental disruption and service-wide outages. These effects have the ability to reduce the VoIP 911 service to unavailable. Additionally your KOS home phone VoIP 911 service will not work in the event of a power outage, broadband service outage, or suspension or disconnection of your service because of billing issues.

The VoIP 911 service that is provided is a highly tested and efficient system and it has been implemented by service professionals over several years. The condition for having and benefitting from the VoIP 911 service is to keep accurate and up to date address information at all time.

The most significant differences between VoIP 911 services and standard 911 services are that the actual calls are made using two distinctly different methods. VoIP 911 uses the internet as its data medium, while standard 911 uses traditional telephone lines. Since there are differences between the two 911 services, it is important to prepare yourself as these differences could potentially cause a problem to your connection. The best and utmost important thing to know is always have a plan.

Because of the potential that your information is not current or correctly entered the emergency dispatch personnel will ask you for your location and situation. This may at the time feel overwhelming, but remember to stay calm, others may be counting on you, and the emergency dispatch operator is there to help. It is also important to remember that in a service or power outages; you will be unable to use your VoIP phone, so remember your plan, and what you will be asked; where I am, who I am and what’s happening.

In order to subscribe to the VoIP service it is your obligation to inform all users or potential users of the VoIP 911 service including the nature and limitations which have been outlined, as well as keep your address information up to date at all times.

We take absolutely no responsibility should you or anyone with contact of the VoIP service or VoIP 911 calls become injured, damaged or perishes, to which you or anyone is reporting the damages to a third party. Kingston Online Services is absolved of any responsibility should the VoIP service including the VoIP 911 service is abused or mishandled under any circumstances. Additionally Kingston Online Services will take no responsibility should any user data be incorrect and/or maliciously entered resulting in damages or injury including death.

New registrations will result in 911 being available immediately. However, for at least 48 hours the user data may not be available. Therefore, you may need to confirm your location or have an additional method of contacting Emergency Response Personnel.