KOS Personal Web Space Terms & Conditions

This document is an addendum to our other service agreement terms and conditions as well as our acceptable use policy for Internet connectivity with Kingston Online Services.

Additional Policies

1. Limitations of Services

  1. The KOS Member web pages are meant as personal web pages, not as commercial web pages. All information must be of a personal nature, and may not be commercial in nature or content. Non-profit organizations are generally also considered to be commercial in nature.
  2. Using any web pages for high volume or commercial use may incur additional fees or result in the removal of the material and/or access to this service.
  3. Linking an image, animation or other file for display on another web site is strictly prohibited, whether for profit or personal use. Kingston Online reserves the right to limit this activity with filtering.
  4. Technical support for the “Member Web Pages” is limited to basic setup of the account, and questions related to directory, file placement, suitability and naming conventions. Kingston Online Services will not provide technical support for HTML design, graphic design or any other factor in the creation of web content.

2. Suitability & Standards

The content of web pages must meet with the standards of Kingston Online Services. We expect all of our clients to respect these standards when providing information via our KOS Member Pages over the Internet.

  1. All web pages must conform to Canadian broadcast standards. They must meet or exceed provincial or federal laws and respect all copyright restrictions.
  2. Content which is pornographic is strictly prohibited. Nudity is not pornography, but in cases where Kingston Online Services is called upon to adjudicate, any nudity will be removed.
  3. Content must not exploit, discriminate against, or derogatorize race, sex, creed, religion, disability, or any other part of a person’s human or civil rights. This extends to groups and gatherings of people of like mind.