KOS Technical Support Policy

We have a lot of questions which are hardware or software oriented on the side of our customers, but unrelated to the Internet service. We cannot freely field questions about user owned hardware or software.

Things which are freely covered by Kingston Online support:

  • Consultation on use specific questions
  • Account specifics (password, userid, etc.) for individual’s software
  • Internet-related problem solving (within reasonable limits)
  • Questions about services at Kingston Online
  • Basic network consultation as it applies to your business account
  • General questions within reason

Things which are not freely covered by Kingston Online support:

  • Network specific setup (internal networking issues)
  • Hardware consultation unless asking for a price quote
  • Software issues beyond those normally served (custom applications)
  • Software for which there is no documentation
  • Issues not directly linked with internet
  • Domain name registration of networks outside our domain
  • Vertical internet applications (VPNs, online services)

Many questions which cannot be fielded free of charge for our customers may be purchased as support packages, or through our partnerships.

Please see this page as well: Terms & Conditions of Service